Search Pubmed One Gene At A Time

We designed Gene Investigator to facilitate searching the NCBI PubMed database with a large list of genes and a customizable search expression. The advantage of this tool is that it loops through the gene list, searching PubMed one gene at a time, thus providing search results on a gene by gene basis.

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How to construct a search string

Using Boolean operators
You can enter as many search terms as you like, indicating how they will be combined into the search expression ( AND, OR, or NOT). Each gene in the list is combined with the search expression using AND.

For example, entering the terms alcohol OR ethanol will search:

yourgene AND (alcohol OR ethanol)

Search terms that are not included in quotes are subject to translation, which will expand your search to include related terms.

For example, the search term worm is translated into:

"helminths"[MeSH Terms] OR "helminths"[All Fields] OR "worm"[All Fields]

To avoid translations, put your search term in quotes. Note that we automatically put gene names in quotes to avoid inappropriate translations.

For more information on operators and translations, see the PubMed tutorial.